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“The Art of Singing on Stage and in the Studio: Understanding the Psychology, Relationships, and Technology in Recording and Live Performance”  This is Jennifer’s newest book for singing on stage and in the studio.  I recommend it! She has a lot of offer the serious singer.

Edith Skinner was an Australian voice teacher who taught at Julliard in Manhattan.   I studied her approach at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.  She is really the basic text for any actor who is serious about voice training and any singer who really wants to master their voice without ever harming their instrument.  Since speaking and singing are essentially the same process (they use the same exact motor skills), and since speech placement the basis of singing naturally and authentically, this work with its speech placement drills is essential for developing efficiency, longevity, and satisfaction for a singer.  I highly recommend it! Ge the version with the 75 minute CD with speech exercises.

The Rolfing bible:   Dr. Ida Rolf, developer of the Rolfing method of Structural Integration, offers insights on how our body’s shorten and twist over time.  Rolfing reverses this process and allows the singer deeper access to their authentic voice, their intrinsic musculature which are the emotional muscles and thus, the “singers muscles”.  I know because I am a singer who benefitted from Rolfing and  I am a Certified Advanced Rolfer® and have worked with professional singers since 1985.  It is like nothing you have done and will give you access to your body elasticity and adaptability, the key to singing authentically and as yourself.

Singers love Rolfing because Rolfing opens up your body so you can sing with relaxation, resonance, and improved range. Period!

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